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Cascading Style Sheets

Welcome, this is just me playing around and experimenting with Cascading Style Sheets to get a nice crisp clean feel that is written to validate to the W3C standards for both HTML 4.01 Strict (yikes) and CSS on this website. This page has been tested against the following three versions of Microsofts Internet Explorer (2 x Versions of IE 6 and 1 x Version of IE 5.01) and it renders good, with this page looking as I intended:

I have also checked this page against the following three Gecko based browsers, Mozilla 1.3b, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 and Netscape Navigator 7.1. It renders excellently and is definitely looking good in all of these.

I have also checked this page against Opera 7.21 - a very slick browser and it looks great.

You are using the following browser:

So if your browser does not match any of the three previous IE versions, the four Gecko based browsers or Opera 7.21 as defined above I am not too sure how the page might look for you...

Hey, I only have access to a limited set of browsers :)


To find out all the details of when I re registered a dormant domain and got more than I bargained for in terms of volume junk email check out Spam~ A cautionary tale of a dormant domains re registration and you will hopefully find it to be an entertaining and informative read.


Isoqlog is a handy tool that formats qmails log files into HTML output. I took some time out to tidy up the code a little and ensure that the HTML would get through W3Cs HTML Validator. The guys over at Enderunix have incorporated my work into their Isoqlog Development Version. Here is the Changelog.

Printer Friendly

Often I have found a good document that I actually need to print off and work through offline as I am sure you have also. It is just so irritating when it is not in a printer friendly format. Especially given that it is usually quite trivial to arrange using CSS. If you do need to print this page - highly unlikely I know, it is printer friendly thanks to the extra CSS I have created :)

Pretty Good Privacy

My PGP Public Key
PGP Fingerprint:
7AFA B1E3 C556 8393 E425 160F 943F F3B6 DA47 C49B

Server Migration

After an an uptime in excess of 300 days on my old Slackware Linux box, 3:27pm up 308 days, 2:34, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 , I decided to upgrade to a more saner system, namely FreeBSD my favourite operating system.

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